Zygoma Implants vs Regular Implants

Zygoma Implants Vs Regular Implants: Differences & Applications

Dental awareness today is increasing tenfold. Digital dentistry and dental implants are reaching even extreme rural places in India. Dental implants cost in India is very very competitive compared to other countires. This has led to a boom in the number of patients who want fixed teeth as a replacement for their missing teeth. Gone are the days when people would be satisfied with plastic removable dentures. This phenomenon is especially increasing in the age group of 50 plus. They were not exposed to adequate opportunities of dental treatment in their youth. But now they have arrived! They are clear in their minds of what treatment they want and are ready to commit to the dental treatment provided to them. So what’s the problem then… Patient wants fixed teeth, dentists are more than equipped to provide sound dental implant treatment… what’s the missing link?

Well, the answer is adequate bone!  Just stepping back to give you an idea of what we need to provide great fixed teeth for you. Dental implants are essentially titanium screws which go into the bone. We then load those implants with natural looking and functional teeth. Just as a safe building needs a strong foundation, dental implants need a good foundation in the bone.

 “Regular implants” are usually tiny, around 1cm in length and 3 to 5mm in diameter. According to the amount of bone available we virtually plan which implant we would need to place in your bone and go ahead with the surgery. Using 4 to 6 of these regular dental implants we can provide you an entire NEW set of fixed teeth even if you have NO teeth at all.

Our upper jaw bone or maxilla has softer bone compared to our lower jaw. We also have air spaces in our skull just above this maxilla bone. These spaces increase with age and the amount of bone in the upper jaw can drastically reduce if no teeth are present in the mouth for a long time. So even if you are ready to get full mouth implant fixed teeth and we can provide you the best dental implants in Thane; what if the amount of bone in your upper jaw is too less?


Enter; Zygoma implants; precisely to take care of this problem of less bone. “Zygoma” is your cheek bone which is usually dense, strong and adequate. We use long implants of approximately 5 to 6 cm length and place them (either 2 or 4) in your cheek bones. Compared to traditional implants, zygoma implants are long, they can be immediately loaded with your new teeth and they can provide much better support where traditional implants are not possible at all! However, zygoma implants require expert surgical skills and understanding of the anatomy and structure of the face.

Initially zygoma implants would be performed under general anesthesia and required major surgery. Now thanks to new technology like Dynamic Navigation and Semi robotics we can provide zygoma implants with simple local anesthesia and minimally invasive surgery. This technology is not easily available but Dr. Rahul Shah has been using dynamic navigation technology since 2017 and has placed maximum number of zygoma implants with Navident technology in the world. Today we can provide world class prosthesis in adverse bone conditions. So don’t worry and see your dentist for a fixed new set of teeth today.


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