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Hybrid Acrylic

Metal Free Zirconia

Ceramic With Paulo Malo

Hybrid Metal Acrylic

Rehabilitation Of Segmental Mandibulectomy

Post Radiotherapy Rehabilitation






Corrective Jaw Surgeries

Mandibular Setback

Mandibular Advancement

Double Jaw Correction

 Mandibular Setback

Our Patients Review

Very cleverly done job, with clinical acumen, care and confidence...
Happy with his work.. Great..

Dr Dhiraj Shah


My experience was Excellent. He was on-schedule, prompt and medically very competent. It is evident that the Doctor is making a strong effort to understand and resolve the patient's medical complaint. He is systematic and draws up a plan/timetable for follow ups and treatment. I felt reassured by this approach.

Ashwin Rao


The clinic has very professional and welcoming staff. The doctors are the best at what they do and the clinic provides a great combination of expertise, skill and quality equipment to offer the best patient experience. Would highly recommend visiting Sahyog for any dental needs.

Amrita Nair


Sahyog comprises of an excellent team of dental experts and staff helmed by Dr Rahul & Dr Saili Shah...both of them are excellent in their respective profession of dentistry, highly attentive to their patients problems, patient and proper treatment & guidance providers.. Too good to be true experience!

Lena Saxena


A Complicated Surgery Simplified in Good hands. My operation which lasted for almost 07 hours, proved to be a very successful. All credit goes to Dr. Rahul Shah and his team. I find it difficult to express my emotional state of how happy & content I was when this whole treatment turned out to be a success and my main reason for undergoing this surgery was accomplished.

Johnson Carvalho

Software Professional

As a cleft patient, after surgery, the biggest achievement for me is gaining confidence which was lacking before. Now I don’t feel embarrassed to go out with friends and to participate in life events. And the whole credit goes to Dr. Rahul shah and his skillful & compassionate team.

Tanvi Raje

HR Professional

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